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1. Every new tournament will be announced on server and on 'Tournaments' forum and you can register, check brackets, download / upload replays, etc here.
2. All the games will be played by system Bo1 ( best of 1 ), exceptions are semi-finals and final.
8 slots tour -> semis bo1 & final bo1.
16 slots tour -> semis bo1 & final bo3.
32 slots tour -> semis bo3 & final bo5.
64 slots tour -> semis bo3 & final bo5.
3. If the game ends because of fatal error, disc etc. game will be re-hosted ONLY if both sides agree on that, and if any player is having lag / delay, he can quit and get another host in the first 2 minutes of the game only.
4. If u suspect some player is cheating in tour ( MH ), u should talk with tour administrators. All proofs will be posted in hacks forum and punishment is same as the game would have been played on ladder!
5. All replays can be found, on brackets, by clicking on the map icon.
6. Tournament maps pool :
7. Any number of maps can be used for generating tours.
8. In the semi finals & final bo3, first game will be played on the randomly generated map ( by tours site ); the next game(s) will be played on the map chosen by the player who lost in the previous game.
9. Games must be played on the map that will be displayed at the brackets, else the game won't be valid and players will have to make a remake.
10. If a player doesn't come in 48h ( 1v1 tours ) or 72h ( 2v2 tours ), after his / their match was announced, his / their opponent(s) will be forwarded with '@', please report the absence to a Tour Administrator.
11. You can check who will you play against on brackets, just look for him at server and play! You may use /watch command in order to be notified when he logs in.
12. After uploading the correct replay, a tour admin will watch it and check the winner/loser. Please be patient, it will not take longer than 24 hours.
13. Tournaments can be made at any time. Check Tournaments' calendar.
14. Any other thread about tournaments will be deleted without reply, so spam won't be tolerated and it will be punished according to forum rules!
15. Tours starting date will not be commented.
16. Games may be observed by an user who would assist managing the tournament or an user accepted by both parts.
17. If a player requests no-obs in his game, you may not be observer, unless you are the host / admin.
18. Tournament's winner will receive 15 wins on tournaments with 64 players;
Tournament's winner will receive 10 wins on tournaments with 32 players;
Tournament's winner will receive 5 wins on tournaments with 16 players;
Tournament's winner will receive 3 wins on tournaments with 8 players;
19. There are:
Standard 1on1 Tournaments;
Mirrors 1on1 Tournaments;
Special Maps 1on1 Tournaments;
Special 1on1 Tournaments.
Standard 2on2 Tournaments;
Special Maps 2on2 Tournaments;
Special 2on2 Tournaments;
Standard 3on3 Tournaments;
Special Maps 3on3 Tournaments;
Special 3on3 Tournaments.
20. You are not allowed to register in any kind of tournament with more than one account.
21. From now on, sharing/switching accounts on tournaments is extremely forbidden.
*In case of cheating, bad manners in the game, not listening the rules or not playing ( giving freewin ), tour admins have the right to kick player from tournament / tournaments and ban him permanently / for a period of timefrom next tours.
*An '@' before name means that the user got freewin on the previous round. He will get win, but he's opponent, that gave free win, won't receive lose, but he'll be punished. If someone gives a free win on purpose, to not have lose, he will also be punished, and wont be able to play on the next tours for some months.
*If an obs has the same IP as the player, he can't observe that game, 'cause if he does, that game must be remade.


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