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How do I sign-up or join a tournament?
1. Registering to a 1v1 tournament :
- Enter the tournaments main page.
- In the right-down corner, you have the REGISTER button.
- Down, on the page, you have all informations regarding registration procedure.
Note : if you have changed your server account password with "/chpass" command, you will be able to use it as tournament account, by registering again from the register page with the new account password.
- After you registered, you will be redirected to the main page.
- Down, you have the login fields. Complete them with the same account and password you used to register.
- Ok, you are logged in. Now, on the left, you have displayed a schedule with the last finished / in progress / upcoming tournaments.
- Select the tournament with yellow circle ( Up Next tournament )
- On the right, you have all information about the respective tournament :
Game Type : Solo / Two versus two / Three versus Three
Slots : 16 / 32 / 64
Races Allowed : No restriction / Random only / Human only / Orc only / Undead only / Night Elf only
Creation date : day-month-year
Map Selection ( pool of maps that can be played on this tournament ). Note that if you play on a wrong map, your round game will be re-played; if it happens again, on same tournament round, you will be disqualified.
Action panel, which you can use to take the following action :
A ) Register - to register on an open slot for the respective tournament.
B ) View - to view the tournament open slots.
C ) Replays : the list of all replays from the respective tournament, from each round.
- Next, press REGISTER button, and you will be redirected to the tournament view of free slots.
- Now, on the right of each free slot you have an axe sign .
- Press that sign in the right of any free slot, and you will be assigned to the respective slot.
- If you want to cancel registration, after you have been assigned, or you want to change to another slot, press the X sign, in the right of the slot which you have already occupied .
- At this stage of the tournament, you will be able to see only Occupaid status on each slot. You will be able to see all players that are registered only after the tournament is forwarded to the first round.
2. Registering to a 2v2 / 3v3 tournament :
- From tournament main page, select tournament users option.
- You will be displayed a list with all tournament users, arranged in alphabetic order.
- Now, in order to have an ally for 2v2 / 3v3 tournaments, you must add him to your friends list, and he must add you too.
- You can have multiple users in your tournament friends list, but you can only select one of them for 2v2 tournament / 2 of them for 3v3 tournament.
- Ok, now, you want to register to a 2v2 / 3v3 tournament. In the right side, you have the action panel, with the already known commands.
Only new thing is represented by Allies action. You have SELECT option, from which you can add only ONE user from your tournament friends list for a 2v2 tournament / TWO users for a 3v3 tournament.
Note : only adding is necessarily from both sides ( you and your friend ), registering to a tour can be done only by one of you 2 / 3.
- Ok, you pressed REGISTER, now you will be redirected to the tournament registration page, with free / occupaid slots. All you need to do is follow same procedure like in 1v1 tournaments, by selecting a free slot, and clicking on the axe button . If you want to un-register / change slot, just press the X sign , and leave tournament page / select other slot.
3. Playing a tournament :
- Ok, you registered. Now, after tournament has been forwarded to the first round, you can see your opponent / opponents.
- What you have to do is search him / them on server, find a host and play your game.
- Check the map assigned to your round game, before playing. You can see what map you must play on the respective round by clicking on the replay button, near your game .
Note : Make sure you play on the map that is assigned to your game ! If you play on wrong map, game will be re-played on the right map.
If game is played again on a wrong map, both players / all players ( for 2v2 / 3v3 tours ) get disqualified.
Note #2 : If both / all players agree, game can be played on the host of one of the players of the round.
Note #3 : For lag / delay complains, game can be aborted in first 5 minutes, and be re-played on another host. If more than 5 minutes passed, game will not be re-played.
Note #4 : For disc / fatal error cases, game can be re-played ONLY IF BOTH PARTS AGREE.
- First round of a tournament will start in maximum 1 hour since the respective tournament is on.
Users who won't start playing first round in 1 hour or leave server after registering will get 2 bad points.
- If both users logged off from server after registering or didn't start first game in 1 hour after tournament is on, they will get disqualified, so the opponent who would have been assigned with the winner between them will be automatically forwarded to next round.
Note : It is important that first round to be finished soon, so it will be enough time for the next rounds to play.
- Next rounds can be delayed with a maximum of 24 hours and tournament final with 48 hours.
- If a player doesn't show up for a round game, he will receive 2 bad points and his opponent will be forwarded to the next round, but with no win awarded.
Note : - Bad points will appear in tournament users' profiles, near wins and looses.
Note #2 : when 10 bad points are achieved, the respective user will get permanent tournament ban, which means he will not be able to join any tournament, unless he makes unban request ( with strong arguments of course ).
- Ok, you played your game, now what you should do ?
Go on the tournament that you registered at, and upload the replay of your game, by clicking on the replay icon, in the right of your assigned game .
- Now, be patient, a tournament moderator / admin will watch replay and forward the winner to the next round.
- You can't catch your opponent, what should you do?
Just go to the replay upload button, and you have there the tournament chat. Leave a message for your opponent, and tell him to come on server, so you can play your game. Moderators / admins can see the chat panel, and if your opponent didn't come or didn't leave a message, you will be forwarded to the next round, but with no win counted in profile.
- Forwarded players won't get win ( in profile ) for the game in which they got forwarded; wins / looses will be added only for games that will be played. Also, a player who will get disqualified or gets 2 bad points ( and his opponent gets forwarded ) won't get a tournament loose in profile.
- Players that were forwarded in a round, because their opponent didn't show up for game, will have the "@" sign before their name, in the tournament brackets.
Note : Disqualified players in a tournament will still receive wins in profile, for the wins that they achieved in the respective tournament.
- Tournaments will be forwarded to the next round when all games from a round are finished, or tie decided.
- All games are played in Bo1 mode ( Best of 1 => 1 game ), and finals in Bo3 mode for 16 slots tournament ( Best of 3 => 1 / 2 / 3 games ) or Bo5 for 32/64 slots tournament ( Best of 5 => 3 / 4 / 5 games ), where the looser side picks the next game map. Also, semifinals for 32/64 slots tournament are played Bo3.
- Tournament wins / looses will be added in user profiles at the end of a tournament, so PLEASE don't start creating threads about "I didn't get tournament win in my profile" / "my win(s) didn't count" etc, just be PATIENT.
- Users will be able to choose following demon icons, when a number of tournament wins are reached :
  10 tournament wins - Felguard Icon
  75 tournament wins - Infernal Icon
  150 tournament wins - Doom Guard Icon
  250 tournament wins - Pit Lord Icon
  500 tournament wins - Archimonde Icon
4. Checking up-coming tournaments :
- You can check all up-coming tournaments on Tournaments Calendar.
- Tournaments will be displayed as soon as they are created / scheduled by tournament moderators / admins.
- The tournaments will be created like this :
A) Monthly tournament : on the 1st of each month - 64 slots tour;
B) Weekly tournament : each Monday - 32 slots tour;
C) Weekend tournament : each Friday -2 tours of 16 slots each.
- You can add tournaments to your personal reminders list, in User Control Panel, so in this way you can never miss a tournament that you wanna play in ;)

Good luck to all !


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