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Mini Map
Name: BNet
Visibility: Map Explored

Map: EchoIsles
Players: 2
Time: 16:26
Game speed: Slow
Game version: 1.26 W3XP
Players & Teams
Team 1 (Winner)
OrcDJUKASUPESTAR (teal | 197 APM | 3241 Actions | 16:26)
Hero icon 3 Blademaster
Ability (Hero Skill) Level
Ability icon Wind Walk 1
Ability icon Critical Strike 2
Hero icon 4 Shadow Hunter
Ability (Hero Skill) Level
Ability icon Hex 2
Ability icon Healing Wave 2

» Actions
Action Value
Assign group hotkey47
Basic commands135
Build / train57
Enter build submenu11
Enter hero's abilities submenu7
Give item / drop item3
Right click1410
Select / deselect507
Select group hotkey910
Select subgroup28
Use ability126

Total 3241
» Units
Unit Quanty
Spirit Walker4

Total 23
» Upgrades
Upgrade Level
Spirit Walker Training1

Total 2
» Buildings
Building Number
Altar of Storms2
Orc Burrow5
Voodoo Lounge1
Spirit Lodge1

Total 12
» Build order
Time Building
00:00Altar of Storms
00:00Altar of Storms
00:14Orc Burrow
00:47Voodoo Lounge
01:39Orc Burrow
04:10Orc Burrow
05:46Spirit Lodge
08:13Orc Burrow
14:21Orc Burrow

» Items
Item Quanty
Healing Salve7
Lesser Clarity Potion5
Scroll of Speed3
Boots of Speed1
Potion of Healing2
Potion of Lesser Invulnerability1
Scroll of Healing2
Scroll of Protection1

Total 22

Team 2 (Loser)
NightElfFaLeFaTaLe (yellow | 155 APM | 2539 Actions | 16:22)
Hero icon 2 Demon Hunter
Ability (Hero Skill) Level
Ability icon Mana Burn 1
Ability icon Evasion 1
Hero icon 1 Beastmaster
Ability (Hero Skill) Level
Ability icon Summon Quilbeast 1
Hero icon 1 Goblin Tinker
Ability (Hero Skill) Level
Ability icon Pocket Factory 1

» Actions
Action Value
Assign group hotkey48
Basic commands205
Build / train61
Enter build submenu14
Enter hero's abilities submenu4
Remove unit from queue4
Right click1088
Select / deselect348
Select group hotkey598
Select subgroup59
Use ability110

Total 2539
» Units
Unit Quanty
Druid of the Talon9

Total 27
» Upgrades
Upgrade Level
Druid of the Talon Training2
Mark of the Talon1

Total 3
» Buildings
Building Number
Altar of Elders2
Moon Well5
Ancient of War1
Tree of Ages1
Ancient of Wonders3
Ancient of Wind3
Tree of Eternity2

Total 17
» Build order
Time Building
00:03Altar of Elders
00:07Altar of Elders
00:15Moon Well
00:20Ancient of War
01:38Moon Well
03:26Tree of Ages
03:29Moon Well
04:41Ancient of Wonders
05:52Ancient of Wind
05:56Ancient of Wind
06:23Ancient of Wind
06:46Tree of Eternity
06:46Tree of Eternity
06:51Ancient of Wonders
07:03Moon Well
08:08Ancient of Wonders
08:56Moon Well

» Items
Item Quanty

Total 9

Time Mode From Message
 00:21  All DJUKASUPESTAR  igra ti se bas a :D 
 00:26  All FaLeFaTaLe  uvek 
 01:04  All DJUKASUPESTAR  glhf 
 01:08  All FaLeFaTaLe  gghf 
 02:55  All DJUKASUPESTAR  sta ces sda 
 02:57  All DJUKASUPESTAR  xD 
 03:54  All DJUKASUPESTAR  lol 
 05:15  All DJUKASUPESTAR  au sine 
 05:34  All DJUKASUPESTAR  .I.  
 05:35  All DJUKASUPESTAR  :) 
 05:42  All FaLeFaTaLe  lol 
 05:54  All DJUKASUPESTAR  sta me juris 
 05:56  All DJUKASUPESTAR  po celoj mapi 
 09:51  All FaLeFaTaLe  daj imao sam tp 
 10:05  All DJUKASUPESTAR  da baba ima ... 
 10:06  All DJUKASUPESTAR  xD 
 16:21  All FaLeFaTaLe  gg 
Comments [Refresh]:
Time   Date   From  Comment
 00:18:13  03/03/2012   nice hero saves and actions

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